Welcome to Pascal-Hannemann.net
this site is still in development, check back later or follow my development state in the changelog.

Member count: 6

· increased best experience19.
on every device
· added custom name and rank in userview in left sidebar
· no more registration and login if user is already logged in
· added member count and contact me button
· added new 404 page (i love it)
· now using less!
· new scrollbar added for webkit users
· fixed sidebar bug in usercp
· updated less variables
· new calc() changes in less
· added login function18.
· added logout function
· added sha256 password hashing
· added redirection and php functions
· added member list
· added email view for admins on member list
· edited usercp
· added tabs to usercp
· added change password function
· sha256 hashing with user password (no unhash possible)
· added usercp link in sidebar if logged in
· Added login page15.
· Added register page
· written register function
· set up jquery validation plugin
· set up jquery textfill fot the best user experience
· added register function (registrations will be saved in database)
· after registration user id is visible at /usercp
· Added navbar14.
· Added right sidebar
· Avatar, dropdown and rank section updated
· Responsive navbar height and both sidebar margin
· higher z-index for important objects to keep them in view if sidebar is opened
· Geolocation in right sidebar (just for fun)
· added custom card footer
· added site footer
· made site footer sticky
· Site created13.
· Added Left sidebar